About Pièce



Pièce, a fragment (En)/a room (Fr). An inspiration, a memory, an intention…all should be treated well and find belonging in Pièce, a space where artists are free to express themselves and where visitors can immerse themselves in a moment of imagination. Through the space of the exhibition and the interactions between people, all creations and stories are recorded here; Pièce is just like a barrel that continuously ferments beautiful things.

Since 2020, Pièce has never been limited to the confines of a space in the hope of using a more organic way for cross-field collaboration, providing artists more opportunities to be seen and for more people to know Pièce, filling the room with stories.


  • 捷運
  • 台北車站下車,步行約12分鐘:搭乘淡水線(紅線) 或板南線(藍線)至台北車站下車,往市民大道出口方向,沿捷運台北地下街至Y19出口,步行3分鐘可抵達。
  • 北門站下車,步行約7分鐘:搭乘松山線(綠線)至北門站下車,由北門站2號出口,步行7分鐘可抵達。
  • 公車
  • 後車站牌下車,步行約2分鐘:42、223、250、300、304重慶線、605快速公車、639、641、704、757、785、1209、重慶幹線
  • 延平一站牌下車,步行約2分鐘:12、市民小巴9


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